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Vassar College Senior Survey

The Senior Survey is an omnibus survey administered to graduating seniors in April of the senior year.  It has typically been administered in even-numbered years.  Good Senior Survey data exist for the graduating classes of 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016.

The senior survey is omnibus in that it covers many generalized topics, many retrospective on the undergraduate experience, others prospective concerning both immediate (first year) and longer-term post-baccalaureate outcomes, and still other topics not temporal in nature.  The topics covered include:

  • Level of satisfaction/dis-satisfaction with many and various aspects of undergraduate education and experience at Vassar.  These fall into three general categories:
    • satisfactions with academically-related aspects of Vassar,
    • ones related generally to campus life, and,
    • a third set related campus resources, services, and offices.
  • A separate set of overall and specific satisfactions with one’s academic major(s)  (N.B.: These are fully available for the majors in each academic department and program)
  • Self-reported learning, skills, and personal outcomes in about 25 specific areas.  Each of these outcomes various is described by survey respondents on two dimensions:
    • (1) perceived level of gain accrued from the four undergraduate years at Vassar, and,
    • (2) the level of importance each outcome holds for graduates at the point of graduation from Vassar.
  • Rates of participation in various aspects of academic and extra-curricular life
  • Plans for the first year following graduation (detailed information concerning job searches, secured or intended employment, further post-baccalaureate education, fellowship programs, volunteer service, travel, and other plans)
  • Paying for college, financial aid, student loans, etc.
  • Basic individual and family demographics, socio-economics, and other descriptives

The Senior Survey is designed and conducted by a set of about 35 of the nation’s highly selective private colleges and universities (COFHE schools, and invited others;   The response data from each participating school’s graduating seniors is fully shared among all participating schools.  This provides the ability to place all of Vassar’s survey results into the broader and enriching context of the graduates from many of Vassar’s peer colleges.  These comparative peer college data are liberally used throughout the presentation of Senior Survey findings presented here. 

At present, results have been uploaded to the Institutional Research website for online access for years 2014 and 2016.  Links to each year’s findings are found below.  If/as time permits, earlier years’ data will be uploaded to this website.