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Levels of Satisfaction and Dis-Satisfaction with undergraduate education and experience, 2014

What were the overall levels of satisfaction with one’s college and college years in 2014?

What did Vassar students report to be most to least highly satisfying about various aspects of their undergraduate education and experience? 

What did they report being least to more overtly dis-satisfying?

How did these results for Vassar compare with those from most of the nation’s other highly selective, small, private co-educational liberal arts colleges?

How did Vassar’s 2014 satisfaction responses change from those of 2012?  What went up?  What went down?

Were there differences in satisfaction levels (and/or those of dis-satisfaction) by gender?  Between students of color and majority (white) students?

Graphic results displaying responses to the 2014 Senior Survey can be found at each of the links below which address each of these (and other) questions:

All Graphs, 2014

Overall Satisfaction

Positive Satisfaction

Negative Dissatisfaction

Changes since 2012

By Gender

By Majority/Minority